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Asset Protection/Loss Prevention Specialist
Asset Protection/Loss Prevention Specialist
WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah, United States



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Prevents loss and controls shrink by performing Asset Protection related activities and monitoring company policies and programs throughout the store. Deters, detects and apprehends those individuals committing thefts or other crimes against the Company at store level. Provides a safe and secure store environment for Company customers, associates, and vendors. Conducts or assists in investigations as directed by the Asset Protection Manager.

Job Responsibilities and Accountabilities

Shrink Control
 Monitors the checkout area of the store for consumer fraud, associate dishonesty and compliance with proper cash handling and cash register policies and procedures.
 Follows up on front-end exception report transactions as directed by the Asset Protection Manager.
 Observes customers throughout the store to monitor shrink control, safety and customer service.
 Apprehends shoplifters in accordance with state and local laws and company policy.
 Cooperates with and responds to requests by police departments, courts and other public agencies under the direction of Asset Protection and/or Corporate Council.
 Monitors the receiving area of the store and conducts delivery audits to detect vendor fraud, associate dishonesty and compliance with proper receiving policies and procedures.
 Assists management in the performance of Asset Protection related inspections.
 Maintains the equipment related to Asset Protection and physical security (e.g. the CCTV equipment, which is located in the ceilings and throughout the store, the electronic article surveillance equipment located at the entry/exits and check stands, and the store's intrusion alarm system).
 Conducts store inspections/audits ensuring compliance to all policies related to shrink control and physical security. Documents all violations and advises store management and the Asset Protection Manager.
 Conducts internal and vendor investigations at the direction of the Asset Protection Manager.
 Will perform Exception reporting Data Mining.
 Performs other duties as assigned by the Asset Protection Manager.
Safety & Food Safety
 Reports all incidents of unsafe associate conduct to store management and Asset Protection Manager.
 Reports all unsafe conditions to store management and the Asset Protection Manager and takes immediate remedial action whenever an eminent safety hazard is present.
 Reports any deficiencies in basic food safety standards to store management and the Asset Protection Manager and takes immediate remedial action whenever freshness or quality standards are not met.

Communication and Training
 Communicates with Management on all Asset Protection issues.
 Train associates on loss prevention programs or policies as directed by the Asset Protection Manager.
 Develop trust, credibility and rapport with store management and store associates.
 Develop and maintain a good working relationship with local police, other law enforcement agencies and court personnel.
 Assist in other areas related to Asset Protection as required by their Asset Protection Manager.
* Be responsible for five stores in their Area as determined by their Asset Protection Manager.

Job Requirements

Relevant Experience, Education, Certification, Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
* Preferred 1 year of retail experience
* Must have a High School education or equivalent, college degree preferred.
* Must be able to work in multiple store locations within Area
* Subject to a criminal background check. Must not have any felony convictions or other convictions relating, in any way, to work which must be performed under this job description, including, but not limited to, sexual misconduct, inappropriate activity with a minor, theft, embezzlement, violence or other factors that might endanger the Company, its associates, customers, reputation, or assets.
* Ability to supervise others.
* Ability to read, understand and interpret signs, shelf labels and date codes.
* Ability to follow written and verbal instruction.
* Ability to perform simple mathematical calculations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division in order to compile, submit, and communicate routine statistical data to the Division Asset Protection office as required.
* Ability to cooperate and work as a part of a team.
* Ability to learn, understand and apply the information contained in company manuals, company policies and practices and applies them to store operations.
* Ability to handle confrontational situations and respond quickly to incidents as they occur.
* Must possess basic computer skills necessary to send and receive emails, their attachments, and access computer generated reports.
* Night and weekend work is required.

The above statements are intended to describe the general nature of the work performed by the employees assigned to this job. All employees must comply with Company policy and applicable laws. The responsibilities, duties and skills required of personnel so classified may vary within each department and/or location.

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